We need volunteers to help us put North Caldwell First

There are so many ways you can help, including:

  • Hold a meet & greet with John and Cindy via Zoom or at your home (socially distanced). Your neighbors and friends will have a chance to meet the candidates, get answers to their questions, and voice their concerns.
    • If you’d like to host a meet & greet, call either of the candidates to arrange a date. Then just invite the people and Cindy and John will do the rest.
  • Write a letter to local newspapers or websites explaining why you support Cindy and John.
  • Offer to walk with John and Cindy on your street to introduce them to your neighbors (maintaining social distance).
  • Ask for lawn signs for you and your friends.
  • Make sure everyone you know is registered to vote and then follow up to make sure they do vote.

We look forward to having you join our re-election efforts!

Contact the candidates to get involved today
Whichever option or options you choose, please call the candidates or email us at to get started or to get additional details. We’ll supply you with all campaign materials you need upon request.

Cindy: 201-681-3968/
John: 201-481-2837/