We have always proudly dedicated our time and energy to advocating for our residents and we will continue to enhance the beauty, character, and nature of North Caldwell. Whether it’s contracting for services, negotiating with the County or insisting that our property taxes stay low (in Essex County, that’s no small undertaking!), we will continue our mission to ensure a bright and prosperous future for our town and its residents. You moved to this beautiful town for many reasons, and John and Cindy want to continue giving you even more reasons to stay and raise your families. Our promise to you:

We will always put North Caldwell First!

Initiatives and Issues

Restore Walker’s Pond and Create a New Park
As the builders and developers circled, our team was able to thwart their plans by purchasing the 17 acres of land on which Walker’s Pond is located for the town, and advocate for its restoration. We’re happy to report that the dredging work has now begun! We will continue to push for the creation and dedication of this scenic property as a public meeting place next summer (2021). We’ve established a committee of residents who have made many terrific suggestions; current plans include the creation of walking/jogging paths for passive recreation around the pond and across Mountain Avenue to connect to Liberty Park, to design parking for residents to access the park, and to restore the Walker home to accommodate town functions.

Improved Cell Phone Service
We are aggressively seeking new cell phone service providers so that ALL of Mountain Avenue, the Windridge section of town, and all other underserved areas will have strong, uninterrupted service. Our calls drop on Mountain Avenue too and we simply won’t tolerate it.

Save Green Brook Country Club
We feel strongly that every effort must be made to maintain the rural/suburban character of North Caldwell. We will make every effort to save Green Brook Country Club from development and preserve it as a golf course, using open space resources. What’s at stake? The developer plans to build a senior assisted living facility, a 55 and above “Four Seasons” type enclave, and a townhouse neighborhood. The existing restaurant and banquet facilities would be open to the public and the pool/clubhouse would stay for the new community to use. While this plan, if it moves forward after extensive Planning Board review and restrictions, would have a lesser effect on the borough’s infrastructure over other proposed high-density development (which we fought hard against!), our goal is to keep the golf course and not disrupt the integrity of our community. Again, North Caldwell First!

Eliminate/Reduce Power Outages
With major storms hitting our area with higher frequency, we are planning to institute a new tree pruning standard around power lines to protect the supply of power. We continue to interface with utility representatives to explore ways power outages can be minimized, both in frequency and restoration time.

Broadcast Live Town Council Meetings
As a further enhancement to our in-person, open public meetings and to the meeting minutes, quarterly newsletter, Nixle alerts, and audio recordings of all public meetings (which are and have always been available to the entire community), we had budgeted and planned to live stream our meetings this March, but were prevented by COVID restrictions. Once allowed by law, we will commence live streaming so that important information can continue to flow to our residents more easily. We want to make sure our residents stay informed about what the council is planning, and we welcome feedback and suggestions from this highly educated and creative community.

Building Upon Our Successes:
The team of Santomauro and Chiaia have brought forth so many positive initiatives to benefit the citizens of North Caldwell and enhance the quality of life in town. Here are the issues we will continue to fight for as we put North Caldwell First!

NO Tax Increases
We are committed to maintaining a multi-year track record of no or minimal tax increases. We have consistently proven that through good governance, we can maintain the quality of town services without raising taxes.

Traffic and Public Safety
Residents know that our success with the traffic light at West Essex High School and the left turn lane at the Rt. 23 intersection have made a big difference in our public safety. Now, we need better safety measures for the Greenbrook triangle, and we are also pushing for the installation of security cameras at the fields where our children play

We Vow to Continue:

  • To foster a “customer service” neighborly culture at town hall and our police department.
  • To put North Caldwell’s needs first. For example, we were one of the only towns that opened our pool this year and had Summer Fun for our children.
  • To provide rear-yard trash services.
  • To upgrade all town properties, such as the new front walk at town hall with the millstone and new electronic sign.
  • To upgrade technology, such as online water bill pay and recreation bill pay for residents, and emergency phone poles at the recreation facilities where our children play.
  • The regular repaving of our roads and upgrades to cobblestone curbing and drains.
  • To publish the quarterly North Caldwell Newsletter, which is mailed to residents with their tax bill, an action that saves the town postage costs by combining the mailing.
  • To create opportunities for additional cost-saving shared services agreements.
  • To search for new green space opportunities.
  • To enhance our parks and recreational facilities.
  • To make your decision to move to this beautiful town the right one!

Together, we will maintain and build on the positive changes we’ve brought to North Caldwell and we will continue to seek new ways to improve our quality of life, protect property values, and preserve precious open space.