Democrat Endorsement

Dear North Caldwell Democrats,

I have been a long-time resident of North Caldwell, and a loyal and lifetime member of the Democratic Party.  For years the North Caldwell Democratic Committee (NCDC) has enjoyed a unique relationship with the Republican party in North Caldwell; understanding that national partisan politics should not play too significant a role at the municipal level where bipartisanship is key.  

While embracing the ideals of the Democratic Party, the NCDC hasn’t seen the need to pick fights that were not necessary for the well-being of North Caldwell residents.  Nonetheless the demographics in this town has changed and with that we Democrats will play a larger role in the political process and governance of this community.  The NCDC has worked for decades to position us for this time.

Regardless of political affiliation many of us know John Chiaia and Cynthia Santomauro, and believe that they have done much to improve the town where we have all chosen to live.  By and large North Caldwell has been well managed and the municipal government has functioned to enrich the lives of our residents.

This year two candidates are on the Democrat line running for Council seats.  At first glance you might think that they were put there by the NCDC, and as a Democrat you might vote right down the party line giving them your support.

Actually, the opposite is true.  They are not active in the NCDC.  They are there because they saw an opportunity to quickly and covertly serve their own interests under the guise of being part of the NCDC.  They are not there because they asked for the support of the NCDC, they have simply “hijacked” the line and seized it by obtaining a few friendly Democratic write-in votes at the primary. In this case callously using a loophole to obtain the Democratic line.

One of the candidates, Mr. Atlas, has been a long time Democrat, but he has never been active in the NCDC and made this move without obtaining the committee’s advice or consent.  The other candidate, Mr. Floria-Callori, was previously registered as a Republican for several years, and ran a losing bid for Borough Council as an Independent in 2019, changing his voter registration to Unaffiliated.  Now in 2020 he claims to be a Democrat to achieve his personal goals.  I am extremely disappointed that these two candidates are misleading the public by inferring that they have been endorsed by the North Caldwell Democratic Committee by surreptitiously obtaining Line A. 

I urge you as fellow Democrats to join me in voting for Joe Biden and all the candidates on Line A, except for the North Caldwell Council race where I am voting for Cynthia Santomauro and John Chiaia on Line B. They are experienced, love North Caldwell, and have worked tirelessly for the good of our town.  They deserve our vote.


Denny Klein


“There is a contested election in North Caldwell where our current Council President Cynthia Santomauro and Councilman John Chiaia are being challenged by candidates who say they will bring new ideas to the running of our town but, so far, we have not heard one single new idea.  They criticize the Council’s record, along with the decisions they have made, yet acknowledge they moved to North Caldwell for the very reason of it being a great town.   They had the choice of moving to hundreds of other towns but moved here.  Why? Could it be because while Cindy and John were on the Council, it consistently ranked as one of the top towns to live in New Jersey, if not the United States. They repeatedly say they can do better without any concrete thoughts or examples of what they would do.  They say we’ll prevent development—how? They don’t say.   They say we’ll be more fiscally responsible. Again, how?  More responsible than no tax increases for five out of the last eight years making North Caldwell the Best Tax Bargain in Essex County?  More responsible than a Moody’s Aa rating? More responsible than an extremely low debt to borrowing capacity ratio?  Those are the real facts, backed up by real numbers, not empty promises or statements.”

“They refuse to acknowledge the experience, wealth of knowledge and magnificent track record which Cynthia and John bring to our town.  We, the current members of the North Caldwell Town Council, have witnessed over-and-over again they are hard-working, dedicated public servants who sacrifice their own businesses and family time to serve our town, not because they get attention or appreciation for it—to the contrary, they do it because they love this town where John grew up and where Cynthia moved to 32 years ago to raise her family.”

“There is an expression of “The grass is not always greener on the other side”.  We, the residents of North Caldwell, are fortunate to live in the “Green Jewel” of New Jersey.   This is why we need Cindy and John to continue their good work and guide us to more great years ahead for North Caldwell.   Please join us in re-electing Cindy and John to keep North Caldwell green!”

Councilman Art Reese, Councilman Frank Astorino, Councilman Bob Kessler, Councilman Ken Tilton

“As a lifelong Democrat I give my endorsement to Cindy and John, because they have served everyone in town well, irrespective of their party affiliation. Cindy and John truly put North Caldwell First.”

– Dennis Klein

Commitment, Continuity, and Fiscal Responsibility

We are writing to support Cynthia Santomauro and John Chiaia for re-election to the North Caldwell Town Council.  As a lifelong resident of North Caldwell who not only grew up here, but also raised my family here, I know how valuable our local government has been in keeping North Caldwell one of New Jersey’s most desirable towns – even the opposition has acknowledged as much.  Commitment, continuity, and fiscal responsibility have been hallmarks of our town government and Cynthia and John represent these core values in every way.  In addition, an appreciation for North Caldwell’s history has been instrumental in the success of our local government and both Santomauro and Chiaia have spent a cumulative 65+ years living in – and serving – our community.  This type of perspective helped drive the Walker’s Pond Project that will preserve and enhance open space, provide additional recreational outlets for citizens of all ages, while maintaining an important piece of our town’s history.  Without this knowledge, continuity, and perspective, a vote for change would be a step backward and threaten what we have all worked so hard to build and maintain – one of the best towns in the state (and perhaps the entire country).  Why mess with a good thing?  Do the right thing and vote for Santomauro/Chiaia for North Caldwell Town Council in November.

-Michael & Helen Ruvo

“We proudly support John Chiaia and Cynthia Santomauro.  Their commitment to service is obvious and we are grateful for their dedication, consistency, and transparency. We are also proud to live in North Caldwell and appreciate all of John and Cindy’s efforts in making our town an amazing place to call home. “

– Ross and Rosalie Catanzarite

“We have seen firsthand the contributions to North Caldwell made by Cindy and John. They are fiscally responsible and provide the leadership and stability needed on the NC Council. We urge North Caldwell to reelect Cindy and John.”

– Mayor Emeritus Mel Levine and Barbara Levine

“The Borough of North Caldwell’s success and fiscal responsibility could not have been achieved without the hard work and dedication of John and Cindy. The very foundation and integrity of this town will remain the same for years to come with their expertise and influence on our Borough and community. A council that works together, has success together.”

– Councilman Ken Tilton and Laura Tilton

“John and Cindy have dedicated their time, energy and talent to make North Caldwell what it is today. What great assets they are to our community!”

– Steven and Stephanie Hadley

“We are so grateful to John, Cindy and the North Caldwell government. They have kept our town of North Caldwell so nice for all the 23 years we have lived here and raised our son. “

– Marc and Margot Schwartz

“While we each belong to a different political party, we don’t vote on party lines. We vote for who we know will do the best job. That’s why we wholeheartedly endorse and support the re-election of Cindy and John. They have dedicated their time and efforts to making North Caldwell a great place to live and we have no doubt they will continue to do so in the future.

-Peggy and Andy Caprio

“I endorse Cynthia Santomauro and John Chiaia for North Caldwell Council. They readily and unselfishly respond when called upon by the residents of our town, dedicated by their deep commitment to always do their very best for us.”

– Marc A. Calello, Esq. and Jen Calello

“As a resident of North Caldwell, I am grateful to our Council for our providing our town with impeccable services while simultaneously exercising fiscal responsibility. Cindy and John’s dedication to our Borough is evident, through their prior accomplishments and the continuous improvement planned for the future. I am proud to support Santomauro and Chiaia for Re-Election.

– Kevin Ducey

“As a member of the Council I always voted on what I felt was best for North Caldwell, my vote in November will be for Cindy and John because this is what’s best for our town.”

– Councilman Art Rees

“Cindy and John are practicing attorneys… but they drop everything when it comes to North Caldwell. They truly put North Caldwell first! As Mayor I value them as indispensable leaders on the Council. We need Cindy and John to be reelected.”

– Mayor Joseph H. Alessi

“As a former President and member of the North Caldwell Board of Education for six years, and now Borough Councilman, I am in a unique position of working with Cindy and John in both capacities. I can say, without reservation, they bring an invaluable level of expertise, dedication, and experience which our community benefits from every day. During my 19 years as a resident, I have not encountered two people more devoted to our town, while being fiscally responsible, which simply cannot be replaced. Taking these factors into consideration, along with the countless hours they put forth making North Caldwell the town it is today, I have no hesitation in giving my full support to their reelection.”

– Bob Kessler, Councilman
Borough of North Caldwell