Dear North Caldwell Democrats,

I have been a long-time resident of North Caldwell, and a loyal and lifetime member of the Democratic Party.  For years the North Caldwell Democratic Committee (NCDC) has enjoyed a unique relationship with the Republican party in North Caldwell; understanding that national partisan politics should not play too significant a role at the municipal level where bipartisanship is key.  

While embracing the ideals of the Democratic Party, the NCDC hasn’t seen the need to pick fights that were not necessary for the well-being of North Caldwell residents.  Nonetheless the demographics in this town has changed and with that we Democrats will play a larger role in the political process and governance of this community.  The NCDC has worked for decades to position us for this time.

Regardless of political affiliation many of us know John Chiaia and Cynthia Santomauro, and believe that they have done much to improve the town where we have all chosen to live.  By and large North Caldwell has been well managed and the municipal government has functioned to enrich the lives of our residents.

This year two candidates are on the Democrat line running for Council seats.  At first glance you might think that they were put there by the NCDC, and as a Democrat you might vote right down the party line giving them your support.

Actually, the opposite is true.  They are not active in the NCDC.  They are there because they saw an opportunity to quickly and covertly serve their own interests under the guise of being part of the NCDC.  They are not there because they asked for the support of the NCDC, they have simply “hijacked” the line and seized it by obtaining a few friendly Democratic write-in votes at the primary. In this case callously using a loophole to obtain the Democratic line.

One of the candidates, Mr. Atlas, has been a long time Democrat, but he has never been active in the NCDC and made this move without obtaining the committee’s advice or consent.  The other candidate, Mr. Floria-Callori, was previously registered as a Republican for several years, and ran a losing bid for Borough Council as an Independent in 2019, changing his voter registration to Unaffiliated.  Now in 2020 he claims to be a Democrat to achieve his personal goals.  I am extremely disappointed that these two candidates are misleading the public by inferring that they have been endorsed by the North Caldwell Democratic Committee by surreptitiously obtaining Line A. 

I urge you as fellow Democrats to join me in voting for Joe Biden and all the candidates on Line A, except for the North Caldwell Council race where I am voting for Cynthia Santomauro and John Chiaia on Line B. They are experienced, love North Caldwell, and have worked tirelessly for the good of our town.  They deserve our vote.


Denny Klein